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Country rest on the shore of Vorsmen lake in the Nizhny Novgorod region, surrounded by a virgin forest, a clean lake and impeccable service
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Sightseeing tours

We offer to you to take part in sightseeing tours that we develop special for you!

For the first time in writing sources Vorsma was mentioned in 1588. Settlement was forms around the abbey, that was built in the middle of XVII century. In the elder days Vorsma’s Holy-Threes Ostrovoezerskiy abbey was striking the imagination of the people with its inaccessibility. Truth and fiction are intertwined in one thing and create atmosphere of weirdness and unusualness. And still the work of people, who erected this abbey on the island for such short term is striking our imagination.

And our first sightseeing tour “Orthodoxy Vorsma” we offer to star from visiting the  Holy-Threes Ostrovoezerskiy abbey.


On the island, that is covered with amazing grass, among the pictorial lake are growing white temples of abbey with the three hundred years history. When you stepping on this ground you fell unusual trembling, you can fell the twinkle of true wise faith, sincere love for your land. Road to the island – is the start of the path of the rescue under the cover of the Risa of the God and the Saint Bogorodica. Here you can touch the icons of the Mother of God: “Iverskaya” and “Economissa”, to learn about life o the saint Mikhail Malein and simply rest with your soul. It doesn’t matter with what thoughts person walk to this island, after visiting this abbey he will take with him will to leave and joying the life. In the moment Holy-Threes Ostrovoezerskiy abbey is a convent. After that, we will visit three orthodox abbeys of Vorsma:  Kazanskaya church with the Saints princes Boris and Gleb (1823), Onefaith church in the name of the Saint Ioann Predtechi (1846) and the Church of the Smolensk icon of the Mother of God with the Nicolay Chudotvorec and saint Dmitry Rostovsky (1811).

Second sightseeing tour “Capital of the russian knives”



From ancient times Vorsma is known for its knives. Cottage industry of making knives was born in Vorsma before town itself. By making knives and cold weapon for self-defense local masters become famous far outside Vorsma. Most enterprising of them organized factories, hire some workers and develop their own business. With coming of the Soviet authority all factories were connected in one, which produced 95% of the knives in the country. In the moment the are many small factories, which is producing knives. You can visit factories of local masters and see process of making the product with your own eyes. We will visit Knife Studio of Pavel Dorogin, there you’ll see all stages of making knives. Also here you can order to make you some leather souvenirs, such as flasks, suitcases and other with inscription and even your portrait on it.

All stages of making knives we also will see on the factory “Knives and axes”

After that, we will visit stithy of Alexey Fedotov in Pavlovo town. You will learn how to forge knives from Damascus steel and fell yourself as real blacksmith, when will forge some simple thing with your own hands, such as decorative horseshoe and come back home with the souvenir.

Tour: “Orthodox Vorsma”

Time of sightseeing tour:2 hours

Cost from one person: 750 rubles

Minimal group: 5 people

Tour: “Capital of the russian knives”

Time of the tour: 3 hours

Cost from one person: 900 rubles

Minimal group: 5 people