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Country rest on the shore of Vorsmen lake in the Nizhny Novgorod region, surrounded by a virgin forest, a clean lake and impeccable service
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Fishing and rest at the lake

The nature here is magical! One the miracles is lake “Key” (Saint Doskino) in the 7 minutes of walking from Ecopark. Only here you can see the amazing picture: under the wall from red clay cliff is brightly blue, clear water. This is knocking out to the surface underground river. Water here is really cold and uncommonly clear. But in winter this lake looks even more beautiful. The water in it doesn’t freezing and the blue water looks really wonderful among the snows.  From the other side of Ecopark is another lake – Toskanka. The shore of the lake is uncommonly pictorial. From the north you can see the forest, and on the one of the islands located Three-Saints Ostrovozerskiy abbey of 16th century. In the summer you can swim in this lake and ride the boats. Thanks to the amazing location of the water the ones who love fishing can choose place to catch fishes in every season. You can fishing here with the spinning, fishing rod, rom the boat, rom the shore, on the ice and even the underwater fishing! You will spend unforgettable time and come back with a nice catch.

You can come with you own tackle, the boat you can rent in our Ecopark. Our workers will tell you where the best plays for fishing.